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Want your photos to stand out? Have them displayed on standout mounts.

As a photographer, I always work with my customers in coming up with the photo display solutions based on factors such as:

– The customers’ home decor;

– The customers’ interests/tastes; and

– The look/feel of the photographs themselves.

So in a way, I’m like an interior designer.

Other than the traditional framing, there are so many frame-less alternatives nowadays, many of which are lighter in weight and are easier to install.  Remember the relatively new presentation style – canvas thin wrap I shared a couple of months ago?  Well, for the lady that has a near-century long of experience in this world, I tried a different media.



This time, I had it printed on photo paper.  The print was then mounted on a thick black lightweight backing that gives a contemporary, finished look to the unframed image.  Holes are included on the back of the mounts for easy hanging.  And depending on the size of the photo, the backing is available in ¾” and 1½” (for larger sizes) thicknesses.

As you can see, the sides are wrapped, which gives an even more finished look.  Given the feel of this particular photo, I picked black siding for her.  White and beige are two other options.


Normally, I’m not a big fan of anything shiny.  To protect the photo, I could have selected a matte spray.  However, I thought a glossy spray would really bring out the deep colors in this photo and it turned out to look really nice.


Take a look at the finished product in different angles.  I hope you like this product as well!

© Jean Huang Photography © Jean Huang Photography© Jean Huang Photography


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