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What Are You All Looking At? – Los Angeles Street Photographer

By no means would I dub myself a “street photographer”.  But if you know me well, you’d know that I was drawn to photography by the uniqueness and the beauty that’s prevalent in our lives.  

These Amish caught my attention when I was doing nothing but looking for trouble to shoot (can we call it “trouble-shooting”?).  I mean, they are already unique in their own rights.  And spotting Amish in a train station is one step up on “uniqueness”.  Wouldn’t you expect to see them travel in horse-drawn carriages?

Anyway, it’s said that a good photograph tells a story.  So what story is behind this image?

©Jean (Jiaying) Huang 


3 responses

  1. Traveler 1

    The train has a schedule. I believe that they were looking something else than the scheduled train. Other wise, they would stand up and get ready to board. What they were looking at? Very anxious to know even there is no answer.


    June 11, 2012 at 7:02 PM

    • Hi Traveler 1, thank you for being the first to give it a try. 🙂 Many times, the story that’s drawn from an image varies from person to person. After all, we all bring to this world a different interpretation in things based on our own experiences and upbringing, don’t we?

      Have a nice week!



      June 12, 2012 at 3:09 AM

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