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How Would You Like to Show Off Your Beauty – Los Angeles Transformational Beauty Photographer

It’s my personal opinion that we are all made of adjectives.  Giving someone a job position or title (e.g., CEO, or mom) does not do justice of fully describing who and how one is as a person.  After all, we human are complex.

Speaking of women, oh man, tell me about the many faces that we have.  One second, we can be tough.  Another second, we can be sensual, naughty, sad, …. (ask my husband :-)).  When photographing a woman, I want to make sure that the “whole person” is reflected in the photographs, i.e., the many faces/personalities that my female clients have.  Until we can all embrace who we are, we are not near happiness.  Would you agree?

What do you think of the many looks of this lady?   And now, question to you – how would you want the world to see your beauty?  If you ask me, bring the “whole you” to me. 🙂

©Jean (Jiaying) Huang


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