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Why You Need to Hire a (Truly) Creative Photographer – Los Angeles Portrait Photographer

I believe we artists all create in our own unique (and sometimes quirky) ways.  And everyone goes through his/her process of growth and evolution.  In my quest for visual expressions and (of course) client satisfaction, I’ve moved beyond simply presenting an object or subject literally.

Case in point:

Recently, I had a short visit to Mexico City.  Oh, how I love thy.  The city is full of culture, history, liveliness and art (more about that in my travel blog, one day :-)).  You all know I love colors and textures, especially the ones that have been passed down from the ancient times.  So, yes, I was in heaven when visiting Palacio Nacional (i.e., the National Palace).

My problem is, no matter where I am, I don’t ever stop observing, looking for inspirations and/or creating.  So, instead of being settled with documenting one location like this:

©Jean (Jiaying) Huang
I had an idea and did something like this instead:

©Jean (Jiaying) Huang
It took a little more time.  But hey, what’s the rush.  The point is to never stop having fun, right?  So, there you have it, my version of the below statue, which represents my ultimate goal in state of mind/life.

Sleeping Mexican Garden Statue - California Gallery
Do you see what a difference creativity can make?



3 responses

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  2. I think that’s a brilliant “live” version of the mexican statue- I don’t know if I would want to be in that state of mind though- which I think is at rest, but then you end up with a neck-ache when you wake up, hahaha


    February 17, 2013 at 3:24 PM

    • Hey Chief,

      Thank you for stopping by and the comic comment! 🙂 Isn’t the state of mind charming though – you sleep when you feel like sleeping wherever you are? Neck-ache is just a small enough “side effect”. You seem like an adventurous person. I’m sure you won’t let it bother you too much.

      Most things that are good in life usually come with some not-so-good issues. I’m simply not going to do anything for the fear of the possible “bad stuff” to follow.




      February 20, 2013 at 3:27 PM

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