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Another Puppy Got Hitched in an Oil Painting – Los Angeles Pet Photographer

One of my clients said to me lately that my photography does not look like photographs.  She meant it in a positive way, I’m sure. 🙂

Well, I don’t look at myself as a photographer, but an artist that expresses herself in whatever medium makes sense for any project.  So, you may have seen a few digital oil painting of my photographic images lately.  That doesn’t mean that I’m trying a new “gimmick”.  It simply shows that I’m flexing my “expressive muscles”.

So, here’s another “interpretation” of a photographic image of a puppy.  If you are able to find the original image online, I am sure you’d agree that they give you completely different “feels” and that (meaning feels and moods), ladies and gentlemen, is what I aim for in all my creations.



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