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Are You a Smart Consumer?

As consumers, we all look at prices when shopping.  Some use price as the single determining factor in purchases; others don’t.

When shopping for a photographer, to what extent do you consider pricing vs. the other elements in your decisions, such as the experience of working with the photographer through consultations, photos sessions and the photographer’s ability to create inspiring art for you and your family, the value of which only appreciates with passing of time.  Did I mention the importance of photographer’s style matches your taste?

I thought these links would be helpful resources when you consider hiring a photographer.  Although I don’t provide wedding photography services, some of the general principles still apply to portrait photography services.

Do you need a smart customer? – by dlambert

And You Call Yourself a Professional? – by scottbourn

Wedding Photography Tips – Do I Really Need a Photographer? – by Damian Carroll

I will add to the list if more comes to my eyes. 🙂  In the meantime, hope these are helpful and feel free to share what you have found or thought.  Cheers!


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