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Another Puppy Got Hitched in an Oil Painting – Los Angeles Pet Photographer

One of my clients said to me lately that my photography does not look like photographs. ¬†She meant it in a positive way, I’m sure. ūüôā

Well, I don’t look at myself as a photographer, but an artist that expresses herself in whatever medium makes sense for any project. ¬†So, you may have seen a few digital oil painting of my photographic images lately. ¬†That doesn’t mean that I’m trying a new “gimmick”. ¬†It simply shows that I’m flexing my “expressive muscles”.

So, here’s another “interpretation” of a photographic image of a puppy. ¬†If you are able to find the original image online, I am sure you’d agree that they give you completely different “feels” and that (meaning feels and moods), ladies and gentlemen, is what I aim for in all my creations.



Continue on the Painting Frenzy, This Time with a Pet – Los Angeles Pet Photographer

As if it was not enough to get the frenzy out of my system after the hybrid photography/painting that I posted 2 weeks ago, I went on to do it to a pet dog (photography). ¬†So this (long) weekend, be on the look-out when you walk your pets. ¬†Hehe…

Have a happy weekend, everyone, Labor Day or not!


Lost & Found – A Little Puppy Found its Way into my Flower Petals – Los Angeles Pet Photographer

The other day, I was playing with the fallen peony¬†petals, i.e. photographing them in all lighting conditions. ¬†This puppy came along and anchored its little behind right in the middle of my “playground”. ¬†So, as with anything in life, I made the most out of the situation – I played with both the puppy and the petals. ¬†And the end result is something like the image below.

If you’ve lost your puppy, come claim it and we can discuss how this art can look in your house.

©Jean (Jiaying) Huang

You think I’m cute? – Los Angeles Pet Photographer

It’s Monday.  It’s raining.  I need something to lift my spirit.  So here’s my question for you:

©Jean (Jiaying) Huang What do you think?

What better way to treat our four-legged friends than a free photography session – Los Angeles Pet Photographer

OK, the cat’s finally out of the bag. Correction, the dogs are out of the bag! ūüôā

I’m running a special for our four-legged friends this Valentine’s Day.

The winner of a random drawing will qualify for a free dog photography session. ¬†To qualify, post your dog’s picture along with the name and breed (and some fun facts about him/her) at our photography fan page. ¬†The drawing will be held at noon on February 14th.

Listen, we will need at least 25 entries to do the drawing. ¬†So invite your friends to participate with you! ¬†Let’s have a party!

P.S. ¬†Obviously, this offer makes sense if you live in southern California. ¬†However, if you’d like to pay for my travel (which is another passion of my life), feel free to join the fun for a chance to win, no matter where you are (I do have many friends all over the world)!


Copyright Jean (Jiaying) Huang

These puppies are the reason why I do pet photography – Los Angeles Pet Photographer

I’ve said that I’m in a “pretty” business.  I did it because I believe that there’s beauty by our side, all the time, and my mission is to capture and spread something that we have in abundance and may have omitted frequently in our busy lives.

If I’m allowed to say one more thing about my photography business,  I’d say that it’s a “cute” business.  True, I do many other types of photography, I have noticed though my heart sings and my creativity soars whenever my subject involves children.  I realized that it’s the natural disposition and innocence in them that make them one of the best subjects in photography.  So despite the difficulty, I seek out opportunities for children photography in capturing the moments that may make your heart sing as well.

Another subject that is just, if not more, difficult to work with is puppies.  And yet, the wonderful moments that are captured make you think that they’ve got the process in their heads, just like we humans.  Take a look at these puppies, and you’ll agree with me.  What do you think was going on in their little heads?

Stay tuned, a Valentine’s Day special is coming out next.  Let us know what you’d like to be included in our Facebook page and your wish may come true!

Copyright Jean (Jiaying) Huang
Copyright Jean (Jiaying) Huang
Copyright Jean (Jiaying) Huang

Who can say no to these cute puppies – Los Angeles Pet Photographer

If you’ve been following my work, you probably noticed two things about me.

One, I produce work that is “pretty”. ¬†Hey, I’m in a “pretty” business. ¬†Photography, to me, is art. ¬†And art deserves to look “pretty”. ¬†That explains all my fine art photography work. ¬†And yes, the first reaction anybody that’s seen my business cards is “they are so pretty”.

Two, I do work that is “cute”. ¬†Well, there’s a little clarification to make. ¬†I have to say that I have been fortunate to work with many cute subjects. ¬†And I see beauty and/or cuteness everywhere around me. ¬†So photography is my way of living out my philosophy. ¬†I fall in love with the beauty/cuteness first and pour my heart into making them an art before my customers even get to see the final work. ¬†I trust that many of you have seen my children’s photography. ¬†Today, I will share some work of puppies.

As you’ll notice, they are “dressed” in different frames. ¬†Come on, they are all cute in their own way; there’s really no one-size-fits-all kind of solution to present them.

See, this first one looks so perfect in pink:

© Jean (Jiaying) Huang

This cuttie stole my heart by the innocent look.  Hey, the little monster was teething and tried his harmless biting on my hems.

© Jean (Jiaying) Huang
I can not say that I didn’t want to take this little cotton ball home. ¬†What an innocent look with eyes peeking behind the flurry hair.

© Jean (Jiaying) Huang
I have more photos, but can’t wait to share while I’m processing the rest.

Now, if you have a cuttie at home and would want to do something special with/for him/her this Valentine’s Day, participate in the “How Many Ways Can You Say ‘I Love You'” contest and you may win a photo session at 50% the retail rate. ¬†Hurry, you have until this weekend to rally up support!

I wish that you win! ūüôā