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Los Angeles Street Photographer

A Movie Poster Made on the Street of Mexico City – Los Angeles Travel Photographer

“A scene is a scene. ¬†But a scene with people comes alive”, says yours truly. ūüôā

Did I tell you that a short walk from our hotel to the historical downtown in Mexico City and back was stretched into a whole (fun) day? ¬†Yes, that’s one of my strengths, in my own opinion. ūüôā ¬†Think about it, for a kid that loves candies, wouldn’t it be the best thing in the world if the candy lasts the whole day?

When visiting a place on foot, in addition to the monumental locations (sometimes skipped for subjective reasons), we check out the nooks and cracks with much joy. ¬†And this is what we were greeted with, at the end of the day, on our way back to the hotel – four gentlemen sitting on the same bench, each doing their own thing. ¬†What a fun “scenery”! ¬†I exclaimed, in my heart, and secretly raised the camera to my face. ūüôā

Now, if you allow yourself to step back a little, it looks like a movie poster, doesn’t it? ¬†What would be the name of the movie, if that’s the case? ¬†You can totally make it up. ¬†Why not have some fun! ¬†

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Poverty in the Center of Prosperity in Mexico City – Los Angeles Travel Photographer

My eyes catch contrasts when I travel, local (yes, you read it right ūüôā ) or international. ¬†Contrasts come in colors, shapes, or, in this case, the contrast of poverty vs. prosperity, right next to my hotel in downtown Mexico City. ¬†What other contrasts do you see in this image? ¬†Let us hear you in the comment area. ūüôā

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Has He Forgotten the Time? – Los Angeles Street Photographer

When much marketing efforts are made to woo the younger generations, it seems that the mature population may have been forgotten by the society.  As I understand the risk of jumping to conclusions too quickly, I wanted to be careful in committing to this conception, especially when my eyes were caught by this gentleman by the street of Carmel, California.  Maybe, he chose to be totally lost in his own world?

What do you think?


Who Wants to Go Back to the Past? – Los Angeles Travel Photographer

This has been an opinion of mine for a long time:  

We somehow got onto this train of modernization (let’s make it a bullet train) that grabbed us by the swift. ¬†Before we know it, we are in this foreign land that looks nothing like the place that we came from. ¬†Well, it could be good, and it could be bad. ¬†The problem is, while we are rushing in one direction, many want to take the other train heading back.

So many times, when I travel in foreign countries, I see things that remind me of the past. ¬†And inevitably, that made me miss the “good old days”.

This image was made when strolling the “old district” of Hanoi in Vietnam. ¬†It amazes me that in this day and age, there’s a barber shop right on the street, when all it takes is just a chair and a few tools in a box. ¬†Really, life can be so simple. ¬†And we manage to make it complex.

What do you miss about the past? ¬†If there’s a train to take you back, would you hop on it? ¬†Would you go to the days when the pace was slower. ¬†And in fact, when you drink coffee, it’s beyond serving the purpose of keeping you going through stress (remember the word “leisure”?)? ¬†Would you go back to the days when people actually talk to each other, face to face, and you receive hand-written notes in the mail?

If you haven’t found this train, give me a call. ¬†I don’t know where it is either. ¬†But I am the “middle-ground” where I do talk to my clients (not via text messages) and send hand-written notes. ūüôā

©Jean (Jiaying) Huang

Left, Right, Left, Right … – Los Angeles Street Photographer

Let’s be honest. ¬†I was not there to “plant” such a shot.

I was attracted by the building – its texture, colors, and style … – as I always am. ¬†Turns out it is where a popular restaurant is. ¬†So on an early Saturday afternoon, while I was looking for a composition to my heart’s content, these people came marching down the street. ¬†

Left, right, left, right …

Look at the races, genders and outfit styles (formal/informal, Western/Eastern, tight/flowy? :-))  all juxtaposed on top of the richness of the building.

My heart and eye (yeah, only one open :-)) both made me press the shutter.

©Jean (Jiaying) Huang

Really, What Are You All Looking At? – Los Angeles Street Photographer

Alright, I’ve been keeping this from you for a while, a while that’s long enough for me to hold the secrets without getting some “internal infection”. ūüôā

Remember I posted about my encounter with the Amish the other day? ¬†And I said a good photographer ought to tell a story with her photographs? ¬†Well, I only told half the story¬†there and here’s what I consider “complete”.

So, can you answer my question in the title now?  Give your interpretation of what was going on in the Comments section below.

©Jean (Jiaying) Huang

What Are You All Looking At? – Los Angeles Street Photographer

By no means would I dub myself a “street photographer”. ¬†But if you know me well, you’d know that I was drawn to photography by the uniqueness and the beauty that’s prevalent in our lives. ¬†

These Amish caught my attention when I was doing nothing but looking for trouble to shoot (can we call it “trouble-shooting”?). ¬†I mean, they are already unique in their own rights. ¬†And spotting Amish in a train station is one step up on “uniqueness”. ¬†Wouldn’t you expect to see them travel in horse-drawn carriages?

Anyway, it’s said that a good photograph tells a story. ¬†So what story is behind this image?

©Jean (Jiaying) Huang