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Happy holidays and we are moving!


Hi all!  I know I’ve been MIA for a while.  

First off, I’m working on a move, including my website and blog.  I appreciate all your support over the years and would hope to continue seeing you around when the new blog is up and running.  If you would take the one minute (not even) to fill out a short form in the link below, you will be the first to know of our “grand opening”:


Now, the fun stuff…

This year, I’ve been busy exploring the surface of this planet. 🙂  My “assistante” and I charted our way to Europe.  You may know that we went to Italy.  Do you know that we went to Italy twice? 🙂  We’ve been to where the God Father One was filmed, The Postman (In Italian “Il Postino”), Under the Tuscan Sun…  The list went on…

We went to countless ruins and medieval villages that I can’t wait to share the stories demonstrating such richness of culture and the friendly cats (even though I got scratched), dogs, donkeys (and my “assistante” go bitten), the cows, the sheep…

The image in this card was made in Pisa.  We all know the Leaning Tower.  Yet, Pisa is so much more than that.  As I was photographing the night scene of River Arno, I saw “Christmas lights effects” in October.  And I wish that you find the spirit of Christmas and stay merry, jolly and happy in every day of your life!

As we all continue to learn and search the essence of ourselves, I realized that it has been a year that’s changed me profoundly on a spiritual and creative level.  And this change will for sure flow into what and how I create.

If you haven’t, don’t forget to sign up our mailing list before you leave: http://eepurl.com/ba87a1.

I look forward to sharing with and getting inspired by you in the years to come.  See you next year!


A View of a Leaf in its “Golden Years” – Los Angeles Fine Art Photographer

Some of you may already know that I have a crazy obsession/appreciation with lives that have passed their, in common views, “prime time” (see here and here).  This explains my collection of dry leaves, tree barks and flowers that’s fallen from their stems.  While majority (if not all) of the world celebrates the birth of a baby, and new growth on a tree, I also appreciate that, with scars, bumps and bruises, a more mature life has a lot more stories to share with a much calmer demeanor.

Take this leaf for example, how do you define its “prime time”?  Had it not for the textures that come with the passing of time and the gifts of elements, would it have captured the light in such an interesting and beautiful way?  Maybe now is its best time? 😉

Celebrate who (the heck) you are, every day of your life!  Let me know if you need help see the beauty you hold.



Celebrate a Rebirth – Los Angeles Transformational Beauty Photographer

We all celebrate our birthdays once a year.  It’s Polly‘s birthday and it has a special meaning to her.

It’s the first after she was diagnosed and been battling breast cancer.  I’m sure life has a different meaning and her priorities are more aligned with the things that are important to her.

Do we all need a “wake-up call” like that to start living our lives the way it’s meaningful to us?  Can we all say that we’ve had a “hell of a life” (in a positive way :-)) on our last day in this world?

I’d like to take this opportunity, when Polly’s celebrating her “rebirth”, to say let’s all live our lives as if it’s our last (precious) day!

Here’s Polly’s story, the one that’s to be continued:

Photographer/Editor: Jean Huang Photography
Make-up Artist: Joanne Adolfo
Song: Mindy Gledhill from Triple Scoop Music

Breast Cancer Did Not Take Away her Beauty – Los Angeles Transformational Beauty Photographer

Meet Polly.  When she felt that her life was just getting started – husband, baby son, career…, she was diagnosed with an aggressive breast cancer…

To say that the last 7 months have been difficult would be an extreme under-statement.  Despite the physical (and mental and spiritual) challenges, she was not defeated and stands to prove that she is still beautiful.

For her story of personal growth from the battle that’s still on-going, please visit this post with a video.  In the meantime, enjoy her beauty and the beauty of her strengths.

©Jean (Jiaying) Huang

Catch Me If You Can (2 of …) – What Are You About? – Los Angeles Fine Art Photographer

Who are you?

What you are about?

Have you thought about how you’d answer these questions?

For those that’s been following my Transformational Beauty Photography, my philosophy is that we are way more complex than what our positions (e.g., accountant) or titles (e.g., CEO) are capable of explaining our qualities and values.  I think that adjectives are more meaningful.  And this is especially true for the even more complex human beings that’s called females. 😉

And what if you’d have to use a photograph to describe yourself?  Those words get condensed into one image.  Hmmm…

Well, for me, I’m a spirit, an energy, a “poof” that moves through this life with no boundary (check out my journeys thus far, if you haven’t).  So, I think this image speaks volumes about who I am, at least the way I feel at the moment.

What words (adjectives) come to your mind when you see this image?

P.S. If you’d like to ride along in this life, catch me if you can… 🙂


She Couldn’t Have Enough of It – Los Angeles Transformational Beauty Photographer

I love it when clients come to view the images and couldn’t have enough of it.  They love them so much that they’d want to order all of them.  This happened the other day again.  You can be sure that every cell of mine was smiling after the meeting! 🙂


A Fun Session Leads to Fine Art – Los Angeles Transformational Beauty Photographer

I had something else in mind to shoot for that day.  But when we got together and saw the “collection” that she brought, I knew I was going to have fun with this piece.  A little adventurous mind and an equally willing subject leads to this piece of art.

Creativity is what my clients hire me for. 🙂

©Jean (Jiaying) Huang

Life has its twists and turns. So does my photography business. :-) – Los Angeles Custom Portrait Photographer

The title should be clear enough and this graph would make it even more clear as mud. 🙂

Back in the days when all I had online was baby photographs, I was hired to photograph an adult, a beautiful woman.

Skipping through the years, later, I attracted interest from body-builders.  While I’m excited at the interesting projects, I don’t want to jump the gun in assuming what kind of work that I show online got them inspired.  Do you want to give it a try by pasting the link from my blog site or website in the comment area?  More heads together is definitely better than my head. 🙂

©Jean (Jiaying) Huang

I See Landscape in a Human Body – Los Angeles Fine Art Photographer

For those that’s known me for a while, I’m not someone that likes to affix labels to people or things.  In my mind, it’s a lazy way to understanding people (or things) by categorization.  This world has been around long before we had language.  So, suffice it to say, our vocabulary may be limited in deciphering what’s going on in reality.

Take this image for example.  I did not have words in my mind before making it.  On the contrary, I did what made sense to me visually.  So, I don’t care what you call it.  It’s landscape out of human body.  It’s a fine piece of art, isn’t it?

OK, OK, we’ll have peace if you call it body-scape. 🙂  There’s another piece of my work with a similar concept if you follow the link.

Do you want a tasteful representation of your body?  I can be reached here.

©Jean (Jiaying) Huang


A Woman is Always Beautiful (Just like Flowers) – Happy Mother’s Day – Los Angeles Transformational Beauty Photographer

A friend once made a reference of a woman’s life to that of a flower.  I’m pretty sure she’s not the only one making the connection between the two.

People tend to associate later parts of lives to something not so positive.  I beg to disagree.

In my household, I barely throw away things, not even the flowers that have fallen off the stems and dried.  By the way, my hubby has stopped trying to argue with me.  How would you argue with an artiiiiiist? 😉

Anyway, in my eyes, all organisms move through stages of lives, having distinct characteristics.  Take this orchid for example.  Some clients have seen it in my home.  I’ve kept it even when most people think its life has ended.  Its days of plump skin, perching on the branches have ended.  But those days have been replaced with rich colors, textures and an “attitude” that nothing much can affect it anymore.  To me, that is beautiful!  And I celebrate such a beautiful life by keeping it around and showing people, including clients, how I’m crazy about such a drastically different yet still splendid look at the end of life.

Today, I wanted to take the opportunity to wish all the moms a happy Mother’s Day!  Have a great time celebrate what makes you!  And to those of us married women with no children, give ourselves a pat in the back.  You know what I mean if you think back the day that you take over your husband from your mother-in-law.  You’ve somehow stepped into her shoes, haven’t you? Have a happy day, all my women sisters!

P.S. Sample fine art photography can be viewed here.  To purchase or to discuss how to make a fine art “out of you” ( 🙂 ), I can be reached here.

©Jean (Jiaying) Huang