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Poverty in the Center of Prosperity in Mexico City – Los Angeles Travel Photographer

My eyes catch contrasts when I travel, local (yes, you read it right 🙂 ) or international.  Contrasts come in colors, shapes, or, in this case, the contrast of poverty vs. prosperity, right next to my hotel in downtown Mexico City.  What other contrasts do you see in this image?  Let us hear you in the comment area. 🙂

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A View of a Leaf in its “Golden Years” – Los Angeles Fine Art Photographer

Some of you may already know that I have a crazy obsession/appreciation with lives that have passed their, in common views, “prime time” (see here and here).  This explains my collection of dry leaves, tree barks and flowers that’s fallen from their stems.  While majority (if not all) of the world celebrates the birth of a baby, and new growth on a tree, I also appreciate that, with scars, bumps and bruises, a more mature life has a lot more stories to share with a much calmer demeanor.

Take this leaf for example, how do you define its “prime time”?  Had it not for the textures that come with the passing of time and the gifts of elements, would it have captured the light in such an interesting and beautiful way?  Maybe now is its best time? 😉

Celebrate who (the heck) you are, every day of your life!  Let me know if you need help see the beauty you hold.



My Contest Entry with see.me – Los Angeles Fine Art Photographer

I feel guilty, guilty for not staying up to date with my postings here.

I won’t even try to find an excuse.  What happened is that, in my already packed schedule, I found time to enter a contest, one that celebrates the power of images.  I thought it would be a great idea to show-case the variety of images made in our travels, with people going about their lives in the back-drops of their own environment.  It’s been my long-time belief that people are part of the scenery.  I know how to make landscape photography.  In fact, I’ve done quite a lot in my travels (here‘s some very few examples).  And if you have people in your images, that’s like putting seasoning in an already great dish. 🙂

Here’s a screen-shot of my entries.  Click on it and feel free to share via Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr and/or email (links on the top right corner of the page).  Once I get 1,000 votes, you could be going to New York city with me.  No joking!

Before I let you go, what’s the first thing that you see once entering the page?  Put it in the comment below.



You Want to Hire Photographers that Capture Your Essence – Los Angeles Portrait Photographer

When I go on travel trips, I go all out on exploration.  I have all my senses out for the next interesting turn that may lead me to trouble.  Haha…

So on our way to Palacio Nacional (in English, the National Palace) in Mexico City, my acute hearing led me to this family trio that’s singing their hearts out.  “How do you know that they are singing their hearts out”, you may ask.  Well, here’s proof:


So, when hiring a photographer, my friend, hire someone that can bring your essence to life.  Why?  Most, if not all, know how to do the boring (in my opinion) look that everyone else can do.  But it takes quite some skill to recognize the opportunity to ink your uniqueness in timeline. 🙂

Sometimes, the Best is Reserved for the End – Los Angeles Travel Photographer

I’m sort of a lazy bone.  So any activity that requires physical efforts from me would pretty much not be on my list to do, hiking being one of them.  Unless there’s beautiful scenery, me and this word has no association at all.

In my recent trip to Taiwan, I took a leap of faith and went on a hike for the sake of hiking.  And thanks to such “faith”, I was rewarded, at the end of the hike, with this beautiful stone bridge tucked away in a quiet corner of Sun Link Sea National Park.  The emerald water and the fall colors were just extra bonus. 🙂


What is Life without Curiosity – Los Angeles Travel Photographer

You know I love doors.  I am also full of curiosity.  This image was made in a small port town (浪石) while rafting (it’s more like floating :-)) in Li River (漓江) near Guilin (桂林), China.

I’d attribute to everything I’ve achieved thus far to un-quenched curiosity.  But, how much of it do you need to peek into someone’s door though? :p

Curiosity killed the cat?  Nah…!  Boredom would’ve killed it sooner. 🙂



This Year, I Strive to Continue Creating, as Always… – Los Angeles Fine Art Photographer

Happy New Year, everyone!

I’m not a new year’s resolution kind of person and am not trying to change it this year.  To me, life is a continuum.  How do you determine when you start or stop things based on the time of the year?  If I enjoy doing something, I do it now.  I do not wait 6 months until the beginning of the next year so I feel authorized to pick up something I love.

So, recently I attended a wedding and came back with the center-piece on our table.  If I don’t have my hand (or spin) on anything that’s presented at home, I can’t call myself “the creative”. 🙂  So I was pulling apart the center-piece and I’m sure this vase has been lonely and now found the match of her life! 🙂

For those that know me, I have the urge to document beauty.  So I wasted no time in making this image.  I love the mood that’s created by the light and the colors that I designed.  It looks like a painting, doesn’t it?

This year, I will stay true to my heart and continue creating…

Now, it’s your turn to tell me how you feel about this image. 🙂


I Made a Holiday Card for You – Los Angeles Fine Art Photographer

It’s the holidays.  I’ve been thinking, thinking what I can do to express my gratitude for you.  Then I decided to make a holiday card, by hand.

Didn’t someone say “it’s not the size of the gift, but how big the heart that gives the gift that matters”?  I hope you see my red little heart in this card. 🙂

Merry Christmas!  Thank you for being there and let me know that you care, for yet another year.  And have a happy New Year!


“It gets pretty cold here at night, down to sixty degrees 
There’s angel hair up in the palm trees, it sure looks like Christmas to me 
But, Santa’s been grounded, his reindeer came down with TB 
So, I bought you a plastic star for your aluminum tree. 

Merry Christmas, cold or warm! 🙂

I Love Snooping Around in the Ancient Town of Huangyao, Guilin – Los Angeles Fine Art Photographer

You know how much I value the original flavors of a place when I travel, especially if it’s an ancient town like Huangyao (黄姚), Guilin in China.  Add in the quietness and the rain in the morning; oh man, I’m absolutely in heaven.

I consider it a success when I’m able to make this image, when the actions are real and, AND (emphasis added), it was not ruined by my “assistente” (if you want to see what I mean by ruining my image of the original flavor, see this post about another ancient town Xitang (西塘), China :-)).

Do you like what I’ve done to bring back to you guys/gals?



Has He Forgotten the Time? – Los Angeles Street Photographer

When much marketing efforts are made to woo the younger generations, it seems that the mature population may have been forgotten by the society.  As I understand the risk of jumping to conclusions too quickly, I wanted to be careful in committing to this conception, especially when my eyes were caught by this gentleman by the street of Carmel, California.  Maybe, he chose to be totally lost in his own world?

What do you think?


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