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Movement of Black and White in Suzhou Museum – Los Angeles Travel Photographer

Continue along the same line about something being “intrinsically” set with me creatively, this image is another proof (please see here for my other post).  It was made a few years ago at the Suzhou Museum (苏州博物馆), which was designed by the world-renowned architect I.M. Pei. I didn’t realize at the time that my love to observe movement of lines and contrasts was already there.






You Want to Hire Photographers that Capture Your Essence – Los Angeles Portrait Photographer

When I go on travel trips, I go all out on exploration.  I have all my senses out for the next interesting turn that may lead me to trouble.  Haha…

So on our way to Palacio Nacional (in English, the National Palace) in Mexico City, my acute hearing led me to this family trio that’s singing their hearts out.  “How do you know that they are singing their hearts out”, you may ask.  Well, here’s proof:


So, when hiring a photographer, my friend, hire someone that can bring your essence to life.  Why?  Most, if not all, know how to do the boring (in my opinion) look that everyone else can do.  But it takes quite some skill to recognize the opportunity to ink your uniqueness in timeline. 🙂

This Year, I Strive to Continue Creating, as Always… – Los Angeles Fine Art Photographer

Happy New Year, everyone!

I’m not a new year’s resolution kind of person and am not trying to change it this year.  To me, life is a continuum.  How do you determine when you start or stop things based on the time of the year?  If I enjoy doing something, I do it now.  I do not wait 6 months until the beginning of the next year so I feel authorized to pick up something I love.

So, recently I attended a wedding and came back with the center-piece on our table.  If I don’t have my hand (or spin) on anything that’s presented at home, I can’t call myself “the creative”. 🙂  So I was pulling apart the center-piece and I’m sure this vase has been lonely and now found the match of her life! 🙂

For those that know me, I have the urge to document beauty.  So I wasted no time in making this image.  I love the mood that’s created by the light and the colors that I designed.  It looks like a painting, doesn’t it?

This year, I will stay true to my heart and continue creating…

Now, it’s your turn to tell me how you feel about this image. 🙂


I Love Snooping Around in the Ancient Town of Huangyao, Guilin – Los Angeles Fine Art Photographer

You know how much I value the original flavors of a place when I travel, especially if it’s an ancient town like Huangyao (黄姚), Guilin in China.  Add in the quietness and the rain in the morning; oh man, I’m absolutely in heaven.

I consider it a success when I’m able to make this image, when the actions are real and, AND (emphasis added), it was not ruined by my “assistente” (if you want to see what I mean by ruining my image of the original flavor, see this post about another ancient town Xitang (西塘), China :-)).

Do you like what I’ve done to bring back to you guys/gals?



I’m Going with the Flow (of the Lines and Shapes) in Longji, China, Again – Los Angeles Fine Art Photographer

Can I say that I’m constantly morphing as a creative?  As many have recognized my love of colors, I see in a different way in Longsheng (龙胜), China.  Although there is colors, I wanted my images to accentuate the amazing movements of lines in the terrace rice field.

Oh, and I went a little over-board with “going with the flow” on this location.  🙂  To me, travel is as much about the personal interactions with the locals and visitors as with making beautiful and memorable images.  Over here, as I was photographing the amazing sunset scene, my ears plucked up and heard something that allowed me to strike a conversation with a couple traveling from Germany.  And we talked until the sun completely set and my hubby/assistante thought I was swallowed by mosquitoes. 🙂

When was the last time that you “went with the flow”? 😉

P.S. Did you see my other “Going with the Flow” image made in Longji, Guangxi, China?  Click here, if you haven’t.


Catch Me if You Can (1 of …) – Los Angeles Fine Art Photographer

Oh, I am lucky to know the importance of keeping the passion going for something that I love doing.  I have been very careful in not letting photography turn into another blah, if you know what I mean.

So what gets me out of bed is not my clients’ money.  It’s the fun that I feel from the bottom of my gut, and that’s the pre-requisite for anything I do photography-related, client or not.

This is one of the situations where I have an assignment and I incorporated enough fun elements for me to be motivated enough to do it.  Do you feel the fun?

Have a nice weekend, everyone!


She Couldn’t Have Enough of It – Los Angeles Transformational Beauty Photographer

I love it when clients come to view the images and couldn’t have enough of it.  They love them so much that they’d want to order all of them.  This happened the other day again.  You can be sure that every cell of mine was smiling after the meeting! 🙂


A Fun Session Leads to Fine Art – Los Angeles Transformational Beauty Photographer

I had something else in mind to shoot for that day.  But when we got together and saw the “collection” that she brought, I knew I was going to have fun with this piece.  A little adventurous mind and an equally willing subject leads to this piece of art.

Creativity is what my clients hire me for. 🙂

©Jean (Jiaying) Huang

Life has its twists and turns. So does my photography business. :-) – Los Angeles Custom Portrait Photographer

The title should be clear enough and this graph would make it even more clear as mud. 🙂

Back in the days when all I had online was baby photographs, I was hired to photograph an adult, a beautiful woman.

Skipping through the years, later, I attracted interest from body-builders.  While I’m excited at the interesting projects, I don’t want to jump the gun in assuming what kind of work that I show online got them inspired.  Do you want to give it a try by pasting the link from my blog site or website in the comment area?  More heads together is definitely better than my head. 🙂

©Jean (Jiaying) Huang

Have Fun Drying Your Fish Net – Los Angeles Fine Art Photographer

In Chinese, there is a phrase that describes someone as lacking perseverance – “三天打鱼,两天晒网”.  Translated into English, it basically means someone spends one day fishing followed with two days to dry the net.  You see, it’s known in the Chinese culture that working hard is a virtue and “slacking off” is frown upon.  Since I’ve become cross-cultured over the years, my response to that is “why not”?

If my English is up-to-par, isn’t there a phrase “stop and smell the roses”?  What’s wrong with drying the net while kicking up and enjoying a Corona when it’s OK to smell the roses? 😉  In my opinion, all work and no play is no life.  Do you agree?

Due to the upcoming July 4th holiday, many of you will be having a 4-day long weekend for a 3-day work week.  The Chinese in me mumbles “how dare you”! (Hahaha…)  And “the other version of me” screams “have a great time drying your fish net”! 🙂

This image was made in the fishing village of Xingping (兴坪) by the side of Li River (漓江) on our recent trip to Guangxi (广西), China.  I’m drawn to anything old, especially traditional crafts.  So you know how I love the scene of a fisherman casting his net under the glowing sunset with the Karst landform in the background, which is characteristic of this region.

To view example of my other fine art photography to grace your home or office, please click here and here.

©Jean (Jiaying) Huang