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A Movie Poster Made on the Street of Mexico City – Los Angeles Travel Photographer

“A scene is a scene.  But a scene with people comes alive”, says yours truly. 🙂

Did I tell you that a short walk from our hotel to the historical downtown in Mexico City and back was stretched into a whole (fun) day?  Yes, that’s one of my strengths, in my own opinion. 🙂  Think about it, for a kid that loves candies, wouldn’t it be the best thing in the world if the candy lasts the whole day?

When visiting a place on foot, in addition to the monumental locations (sometimes skipped for subjective reasons), we check out the nooks and cracks with much joy.  And this is what we were greeted with, at the end of the day, on our way back to the hotel – four gentlemen sitting on the same bench, each doing their own thing.  What a fun “scenery”!  I exclaimed, in my heart, and secretly raised the camera to my face. 🙂

Now, if you allow yourself to step back a little, it looks like a movie poster, doesn’t it?  What would be the name of the movie, if that’s the case?  You can totally make it up.  Why not have some fun!  

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Poverty in the Center of Prosperity in Mexico City – Los Angeles Travel Photographer

My eyes catch contrasts when I travel, local (yes, you read it right 🙂 ) or international.  Contrasts come in colors, shapes, or, in this case, the contrast of poverty vs. prosperity, right next to my hotel in downtown Mexico City.  What other contrasts do you see in this image?  Let us hear you in the comment area. 🙂

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You Want to Hire Photographers that Capture Your Essence – Los Angeles Portrait Photographer

When I go on travel trips, I go all out on exploration.  I have all my senses out for the next interesting turn that may lead me to trouble.  Haha…

So on our way to Palacio Nacional (in English, the National Palace) in Mexico City, my acute hearing led me to this family trio that’s singing their hearts out.  “How do you know that they are singing their hearts out”, you may ask.  Well, here’s proof:


So, when hiring a photographer, my friend, hire someone that can bring your essence to life.  Why?  Most, if not all, know how to do the boring (in my opinion) look that everyone else can do.  But it takes quite some skill to recognize the opportunity to ink your uniqueness in timeline. 🙂

I Tip-Toed My Way Across the Surface of the Water – Los Angeles Fine Art Photographer

By now, you know that I have an unexplained affinity to water, right?  Right?

To me, water doesn’t stay in one place or in one way.  They can be calm, excited, fun, …, roaring, hard to predict or control.  Kind of like women.  Haha…

OK, I digressed…

So, I can’t oppress the urge to get up close when I saw this setting.  What would you do if you were me?  Anyway, I tip-toed my way across…

If you want to follow me along, be careful.  What seems to be real may not be. 🙂

©Jean (Jiaying) Huang

Albany and Ivory on a Wall – Los Angeles Fine Art Photographer

It goes without explanation that I love colors and anybody that sees my photography comments on the colorful-ness of my work.  Well, as I consider we creatives the ever-evolving and ever-expanding “creatures”, there’s no absolutes in what/how we do to achievee the feeling/look that we are trying to convey.  Therefore, this black and white piece of work should not come as a surprise then, should it?

You know how to find me if you’d like to purchase any of the Fine Art Photography work. 🙂©Jean (Jiaying) Huang


Why You Need to Hire a (Truly) Creative Photographer – Los Angeles Portrait Photographer

I believe we artists all create in our own unique (and sometimes quirky) ways.  And everyone goes through his/her process of growth and evolution.  In my quest for visual expressions and (of course) client satisfaction, I’ve moved beyond simply presenting an object or subject literally.

Case in point:

Recently, I had a short visit to Mexico City.  Oh, how I love thy.  The city is full of culture, history, liveliness and art (more about that in my travel blog, one day :-)).  You all know I love colors and textures, especially the ones that have been passed down from the ancient times.  So, yes, I was in heaven when visiting Palacio Nacional (i.e., the National Palace).

My problem is, no matter where I am, I don’t ever stop observing, looking for inspirations and/or creating.  So, instead of being settled with documenting one location like this:

©Jean (Jiaying) Huang
I had an idea and did something like this instead:

©Jean (Jiaying) Huang
It took a little more time.  But hey, what’s the rush.  The point is to never stop having fun, right?  So, there you have it, my version of the below statue, which represents my ultimate goal in state of mind/life.

Sleeping Mexican Garden Statue - California Gallery
Do you see what a difference creativity can make?