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Happy holidays and we are moving!


Hi all!  I know I’ve been MIA for a while.  

First off, I’m working on a move, including my website and blog.  I appreciate all your support over the years and would hope to continue seeing you around when the new blog is up and running.  If you would take the one minute (not even) to fill out a short form in the link below, you will be the first to know of our “grand opening”:


Now, the fun stuff…

This year, I’ve been busy exploring the surface of this planet. 🙂  My “assistante” and I charted our way to Europe.  You may know that we went to Italy.  Do you know that we went to Italy twice? 🙂  We’ve been to where the God Father One was filmed, The Postman (In Italian “Il Postino”), Under the Tuscan Sun…  The list went on…

We went to countless ruins and medieval villages that I can’t wait to share the stories demonstrating such richness of culture and the friendly cats (even though I got scratched), dogs, donkeys (and my “assistante” go bitten), the cows, the sheep…

The image in this card was made in Pisa.  We all know the Leaning Tower.  Yet, Pisa is so much more than that.  As I was photographing the night scene of River Arno, I saw “Christmas lights effects” in October.  And I wish that you find the spirit of Christmas and stay merry, jolly and happy in every day of your life!

As we all continue to learn and search the essence of ourselves, I realized that it has been a year that’s changed me profoundly on a spiritual and creative level.  And this change will for sure flow into what and how I create.

If you haven’t, don’t forget to sign up our mailing list before you leave: http://eepurl.com/ba87a1.

I look forward to sharing with and getting inspired by you in the years to come.  See you next year!


Celebrate a Rebirth – Los Angeles Transformational Beauty Photographer

We all celebrate our birthdays once a year.  It’s Polly‘s birthday and it has a special meaning to her.

It’s the first after she was diagnosed and been battling breast cancer.  I’m sure life has a different meaning and her priorities are more aligned with the things that are important to her.

Do we all need a “wake-up call” like that to start living our lives the way it’s meaningful to us?  Can we all say that we’ve had a “hell of a life” (in a positive way :-)) on our last day in this world?

I’d like to take this opportunity, when Polly’s celebrating her “rebirth”, to say let’s all live our lives as if it’s our last (precious) day!

Here’s Polly’s story, the one that’s to be continued:

Photographer/Editor: Jean Huang Photography
Make-up Artist: Joanne Adolfo
Song: Mindy Gledhill from Triple Scoop Music

She Couldn’t Have Enough of It – Los Angeles Transformational Beauty Photographer

I love it when clients come to view the images and couldn’t have enough of it.  They love them so much that they’d want to order all of them.  This happened the other day again.  You can be sure that every cell of mine was smiling after the meeting! 🙂


What is sexy for you, ladies? – Los Angeles Transformational Beauty Photography

Women have definitely come a long way in fighting for rights to work, vote, to hold public office, etc.  Social status has, no doubt, bearing on how we view ourselves and the relationship with people around us. 

As controversial as the word “beautiful” can be is the word “sexy”.  They both are frequently associated with women.  On the eve of International Women’s Day, I thought I’d take a quick survey of my lady sisters.

What words/impressions come to your mind when you hear the word “sexy”?

20130227_0110 (DSC0649) - Edited with Frame & Logo

Red Hair + Long Dress = Floating in the Ocean – Los Angeles Transformational Beauty Photographer

“Love at first sight” is how my client describes this painting of the red-haired beauty.

When I saw it, my heart sang!  For one, I love working with people that are open to chances (hint: think “free spirit”).  Two, do I really need to say?  This client has a true appreciation for art.

Now, I could “figuratively” replicate what she likes about this painting.  But hey, she hired me as an artist and copying is boring for me.  Plus, do you really think that she will be thrilled if I had her hair dyed red, I mean, crimson red? :p

So, when she submitted the picture of the long dress (see below) as one of the potential outfits for the photo shoot, I knew I had to use it, because it’s another “love at first sight” for her. 😉

What happened next, as they say, is history. 🙂  We’ve created a fairy/mermaid* that floats in the ocean.  Don’t ask me what the fairy was doing.  What a dumb question!  The most important thing is this – doesn’t your heart feel the “free spirit” from this image that we achieved?

For me, I know I’ve nailed this one when my client had to have this photograph.  So, is this “love at first sight” for her?  Haha… You’d have to ask her when you see her sporting the lovely dress floating around. 🙂

Remember, the next time you hire an artist, look for the signs that they create, and not merely copy.

* excuse moi for the poor selection of term since English is not my mother tongue. 😛  But, you know where I’m getting, don’t you?

P.S. Does this equation reminds you of a chemistry lab back in school?  Well, you are not alone.  Anyway, chemistry was the only subject that my sister did better than me.  And the secret, as she later revealed, was memorization.  Boring!!

©Jean (Jiaying) Huang

Find Yourself in a Transformation this Valentine Day – Los Angeles Transformational Beauty Photographer

To me, beauty is meaningless if it’s got no soul.  In our Transformational Beauty Photography sessions, “prettying up” our clients is not the only thing that we do – It’s actually the easiest part.  What takes the most time and energy is to go through a “soul-searching” process (in my words, “internal earthquakes” for some) – not me, my clients. 🙂

When I saw this look on her, I was doing samba in my belly. 🙂  However, decades ago, to look this way in certain parts of the world as a lady would be frowned upon, to say the least.  As a spiritually and mentally free person, I could only imagine the pain to hold the self within, in the traditional and “normal” clothing and hair.  So today, when she’s finally expressing herself in the look that she’s always wanted to be seen in, I sang for her, with my camera and lights, of course!  She sings much better than I do. 🙂

©Jean (Jiaying) Huang
So, what’s your story?  Not satisfied with the “you” that’s been representing you to the world?  This Valentine’s Day, give yourself a gift of a lifetime.  Call me and I can lead you through the path to expressing your true and beautiful self artistically.