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She Likes It, She’s Only Seven – Los Angeles Children Photographer

I’m a big believer of “making the most out of any situation” – take me for example, I would have turned out some other ways had I not practiced it. ūüôā

When I was photo shooting with her mom, I did not waste any chance of capturing great moments of a kid (in fact, 3 of them – more to follow later).¬† Don’t forget, I’m still a children photographer despite the newly launched Transformational Photography with adult women.

In between her being busy with the make-ups (yes, she was fascinated¬†with what the make-up artist was capable of),¬†the reflectors, the stands, the tripod, etc., it must be¬†a relief for her to catch some breath…¬†

I loved everything about this image – the big eyes, the curly hair, and the aimless gaze…¬† Mom loved it, sister loved it and, you know what, she likes it too!

What do you think she likes about this moment?¬† Hint: She’s only 7.

©Jean (Jiaying) Huang


Seal the Deal with Love – Los Angeles Children’s Photographer

Remember the cuttie pie D2 that we got a¬†quick glimpse¬†the other day? ¬†Well, grandma loved the sneak peek. ¬†So, as we creatives would like to make new stuff, I thought why not design a post card that’s stamped with her grandson’s images?

Notice that, contrary to the ever-changing prices of (real) stamps, these limited editions (currently 2011 edition) are “priceless” and each year, you get to update with new portraits of your children or grand-children.

With these specially made cards in hand, you’d have bragging power to send a post card to all your friends, family, and, heck, anybody that you have a mailing address for. ūüôā

Before long, you’d have a collection to savor the beloved child’s growth over the years.

About the post card, the design can be tweaked and will change from year to year.  Of course we can make it perfectly clean.  But would it be as interesting as this rustic-looking design?

All my clients of 2011 get to have this specially made for them. ¬†Are you one of them? ūüėČ ¬†Christmas is 67 days away and these cards make perfect gifts. ¬†Just saying… ūüôā

P.S. The watermark at the bottom will not show in the final product.
P.P.S. Post cards come with envelopes.

©Jean (Jiaying) Huang 

Sneak Peek View of a 6-Month Fresh Baby – Los Angeles Children’s Photographer

Decision, decision, decision… ¬†How can I choose just one image to “reveal” to the anxious grandma and family? ¬†Baby D2 is so cute and he gave me not one, not two, but a myriad of baby expressions that I love to capture in my photo sessions with children.

While you will for sure get to know baby D2 more in a later post, this image will hopefully “quench the thirst”. ¬†However, I won’t be surprised if it does the opposite and raise your appetite as a friend always wants to “eat” my cute portrait subjects. ¬†Good thing she’s all the way in Spain. ¬†Right, Vanessa? ūüėČ

©Jean (Jiaying) Huang

What a unique way to present your portraits on a “floating” gallery block – Los Angeles Children’s Photographer

One of the ways that I add value to my clients is to always be on the look-out for unique and creative ways to present the beautiful portraits.  I had a portrait session with the family of Beau and Stacy and never had a chance to write about it.

The fact is, their daughter Savannah gave me lots of interesting images, as you know how my photography is inspired by children. ¬†I thought the “floating” gallery block would be a nice addition to any family’s nursery or a child’s bedroom. ¬†As a result, I designed this sample product using some images of Savannah’s cute expressions:

©Jean (Jiaying) Huang
©Jean (Jiaying) Huang

As you see in the images above, this “floating” gallery block is a series of smaller gallery blocks constructed as a collage on an overall large background, also made of a gallery block. ¬†The photographs are printed on Kodak ENDURA Metallic photo paper with a satin laminate, which are then adhered to solid wood with perfect 90-degree corners. ¬†What’s not reflected in the above 2 images is the beautiful sheer glow that came from the metallic photo paper, toned down just perfectly by the laminate.

This is another frame-less, ready to hang product that will add colors and characteristics to any family’s walls and sizes and colors can be customized.

I would love to hear your thoughts and/or questions.

The Cutest Kids in Halloween Costumes Contest is going on – Los Angeles Children’s Photographer

© Jean (Jiaying) Huang, All Rights Reserved
Everything has been reminding me that fall is undeniably with us and yellow, red and brown will soon be the prevalent colors. ¬†As my eyes moved near the bottom of the calendar, I know it’s the spooky time of the year again. ¬†So, it will only be fitting to “update” the color them of this website immediately.

The other day, I had a photo shoot at a pumpkin patch and loved, loved, loved the atmosphere and had fun.  The chill in the area helped my head think up a fun and impromptu idea.  Why not have a contest of pictures of the kids in Halloween costumes?

So, if you haven’t, load your cute kids’ Halloween costume pictures to¬†http://www.facebook.com/jeanhuangphotography. ¬†You may just win a free gift from me!

For the competitive, here are the details:

– Pick the cutest Halloween pictures of your kids to post onto the link provided above (you’d need to “like” the page with Facebook first).
– One picture per kid.
– The kid/picture that gets the most “likes” will win a nice seasonal gift from me.
– Voting is cut off as of noon (Pacific Time) Monday November 1st.

Secret in winning: Lobbying is allowed. So have your mom, dad, friends, neighbors to vote for your kids’ pictures!

Good luck!

P.S. Which pumpkin in this picture is your favorite? ūüėČ

Nathan, the Pirate Has Turned One – Los Angeles Event/Party Photographer

On this day, Nathan the Pirate turned one. ¬†Exactly one year ago, he had the biblical cord around his neck and couldn’t wait to come out. ¬†So imagine how many people were happy to see that he’s grown up (even for a little pirate). ūüôā The extended family gathered on this day. ¬†I met an uncle, uh-hum, a grand-uncle that drove from afar. ¬†And there’s even people that flew in from Washington. ¬†Needless to say, mommy and daddy were very excited. ¬†Look what they’ve done to make this party “authentic”:

© Jean Huang Photography© Jean Huang Photography© Jean Huang Photography

© Jean Huang Photography

With any party, especially that of a child, it’s almost guaranteed that there will be many other kids. ¬†But, let’s dedicate this post to Nathan, the little pirate that reached this important milestone. Congratulations, Polly and Cody! ¬†Happy birthday, Nathan! ¬†I wish you a wonderful life ahead of you. ¬†And, be good, even for a little pirate… ¬© Jean Huang Photography¬© Jean Huang Photography
P.S. For the CD with the pictures of this party, I designed and made a CD case for the family.  For details, please click here.

Chloe, more story on her … – Los Angeles Children’s Photographer

I know, I must feel like a slacker to you since I haven’t posted for a while. ¬†But, but, I had a reason (in your vocabulary, it may be an excuse; but I’m sticking to my own opinion). ¬†The reason is that I took a trip to San Francisco and Napa and had many wonderful pictures from the trip. ¬†So while I’m diligently processing these pictures, the story-teller in me thought that I’d keep you entertained with some more pictures of Chole that I’ve processed.

Something tells me that if I do things with a passion (in this case, telling a story), you would love it. ¬†So, without further ado, here’ the story.

Chloe is learning to walk and her parents bought her a little cart to walk with:

Chloe: “Yah, I can walk now!”

© Jean Huang Photography
Chloe: “I am going places…”

© Jean Huang Photography

Chloe: “Stepping on the gas. ¬†The world is waiting for me to conquer…”

© Jean Huang Photography
Chloe: “ Wait, this thing is not going anywhere! ¬†Must be a mechanical problem. ¬†I can get it fixed in no time.”
Chloe, has it occurred to you that grandma might have put a “manual break” to your “car”?)

© Jean Huang Photography
Chloe: “Help! ¬†Somebody? ¬†Help! ¬†Daddy?…”

© Jean Huang Photography

Chloe: “I’ve decided that I’m upset. ¬†These ‘big people’ only care about their ‘big cars’. ¬†No one’s helping me. ¬†Sigh…”

© Jean Huang Photography
Everybody, Chloe:

© Jean Huang Photography

Did you like this story?  Comments will be appreciated!

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Cassie, an “independent” 8-month old – Los Angeles Children’s Photographer

As I meet children of all ages nowadays, I can’t ignore the impression that they appear to be a lot smarter at a much earlier age. ¬†Of course, since I used myself as a reference when I was little, the reference could be less representative of the generation that I belong to. ūüôā

Then I met Cassie, the girl that just came to this world 8 months ago.  She totally blew me out of water.

Here’s this little one that seems to be in her own zone, not bothered by the people, kids (mind you, the drama and the noise), or the dogs. ¬†From a “looking down” kind of perspective as an adult (but who am I here to judge if she was already much smarter than I was), it seems that she’s got the little engine churning in her head to process information that’s only relevant to her. ¬†I mean, how impressive is that when all you see from her face is calmness, at an age of 8 months…

© Jean Huang Photography

¬© Jean Huang Photography… until her mom leaves the room. ¬†A kid finally looks like a kid! ¬†Agh… ¬†A big relief, for me. ¬†I still have hope… ūüôā

© Jean Huang Photography

The Canvas Thin Wrap Print Has Arrived for Chloe!

Remember Chloe, the little lady that just turned one-year-old two months ago? ¬†The canvas print has arrived! ¬†I loved the vivid colors that came through the nicely wrapped canvas. ¬†I can’t wait to see the reaction from her mom and dad. ¬†In fact, I’m so excited that I wanted to share some photos of the product online. ¬†And I hope I’m not stealing the thrill from her parents. :p

As some of you are probably familiar with the standard canvas and gallery wraps (in the line of canvas products) already, thin-wrap is a new type.  With the thin edge and the block mount in the back, it provides a feel of floated picture on the wall.  Because of the home decor of the family, I thought thin-wrap would look really nice.

In  case you are wondering about the trivial details, a satin laminate was applied to protect the surface from scratches and makes cleaning really easy.

Here are the front, side and back views of this canvas print!  Look forward to your comments/feedback or questions!

The Front View:

© Jean Huang Photography

The Side View:

© Jean Huang Photography

The Back View:

© Jean Huang Photography

Meet Sophie, the lucky baby! – Los Angeles Children’s Photographer

Sophie is a 11-month old (big) baby! ¬†And lucky for her, she has a brother that loves her. ¬†You can tell that Sophie loves all her little heart back. ¬†See the bright smile? ¬†That’s when Jason enters the room.

© Jean Huang Photography
Sophie loves to play. ¬†And with her brother on her side, it’s more fun! ¬† As for me, it’s fun to try to figure out what’s going on internally with this little one that doesn’t speak the language that we understand yet. ¬†Here it goes:

Sophie: “What do I do with this? ¬†Man, this is hard for my little head.”

© Jean Huang Photography

Sophie: “Oh, good, brother on scene. ¬†But wait, wait, I’m still in charge here, OK?”

© Jean Huang Photography
Sophie: ” Umm… I think I need to take some ownership here. ¬†Remember, I’m the one in charge.”

© Jean Huang Photography
Sophie: “I’ve got the ball rolling. ¬†My brother can take it from here.”

© Jean Huang Photography

Haha, I wish, one day, I can ask her if that’s really what she was thinking, when she does speak “our language”. ¬†For now, let’s enjoy the company of little Sophie, the lucky, brightly smiled 11-month old!

© Jean Huang Photography